Author Topic: Greedy farmers sending cattle from SA to Qld. Over 2000 kms or more than 22hrs.  (Read 1415 times)

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SA cattle being trucked to Queensland

By Annabelle Homer
Tuesday, 05/03/2013
Poorer prices at South Australian abattoirs are forcing cattle producers in the far north-east of the state to truck their cattle to Queensland.
The dry spring and summer and seen more cattle flood the market from the south-east of South Australia and Victoria, forcing prices to drop to $3 dollars a kilo for Jap Ox dressed weight.
Greg Campbell, managing director of S Kidman and Co, which owns three stations in South Australia, says producers wouldn't be breaking even with these prices.
"They're not making any profit on South Australian prices at the moment and they'd make a small to modest profit on prices prevailing in Queensland," he said.
"Jap ox for example, 30 to 40 cents per kilogram dressed weight benefit going to Queensland.
"They've been a lot of interruptions to the supply of cattle to Queensland with the coastal rain and road and rail networks being impacted, so their prices would be a bit above what they normally would be at this time of year."