Author Topic: Abuse of Australian cattle in Israeli slaughterhouse was 'before ESCAS.'  (Read 913 times)

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Yes, Elders is so committed to 'the highest standards of animal welfare; that it used the ancient over 40 year old rustbucket, the Torrens, to take dairy cattle to Pakistan at the height of the massacre of 22,000 Australian sheep there. The Torrens, aka the Farid F, has been detained in Australian ports multiple times over many serious defects including rust, major corrosion, holes and management of the ship. Elders is as bad as the rest of them.

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DAFF investigation finds abuse pre-dated ESCAS in Israel.

  A report into the circumstances surrounding abuse of cattle in an Israeli abattoir has found there was no breach of the ESCAS welfare system and says no further regulatory action will be taken. In December 2012, ABC TV's 7.30 broadcast footage obtained by the RSPCA and taken inside Israel's largest abattoir.

A Department of Agriculture investigation found that the abattoir was approved to receive and slaughter Australian cattle from exporter Elders at the time that the footage was taken.

And it found that it was possible that some Australian cattle were among those mistreated.

But DAFF found that any Australian cattle being processed at the time the footage was taken would have been sent to the abattoir prior to ESCAS coming into effect, and that means there was no breach.
Australia introduced the strict ESCAS requirements for humane slaughter of its livestock in abattoirs overseas, after revelations of abuse in Indonesian abattoirs and a temporary ban on that trade in 2011.
While Elders has an ESCAS-approved supply chain with the abattoir in question, the company has confirmed that none of the cattle seen in the RSPCA footage were exported to Israel by Elders.
The company has not sent any cattle to the Bakar Tnuva abattoir since the complaint was made. It says it currently has "no confirmed orders for cattle to Israel and will consider orders in the normal course of its operations."
No one from Elders was available for an interview with ABC Rural on Friday, but in a statement the company said that at the time the RSPCA complaint was made, Elders "expressed its concern about the unacceptable animal handling practices and worked with the Israeli importer to ensure that staff involved were terminated, employee briefings and additional training occurred, standard operating procedures were reviewed, and CCTV capabilities were installed."
"Elders confirms its absolute commitment to maintaining and reinforcing the highest animal welfare standards and outcomes across its global markets," the statement said.
The Israeli Government is currently investigating the alleged breaches of international animal welfare standards at the abattoir, and the matter is currently before an Israeli court.

By Anna Vidot
 Friday, 05/04/2013
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