Author Topic: DAFF talks a load of bull about their ESCAS system 8.4.2013  (Read 881 times)

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DAFF talks a load of bull about their ESCAS system 8.4.2013
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Israeli Embassy says abattoir cruelty issue has been resolved.

 The Israeli Embassy in Australia says that abuse of animals at an Israeli abattoir is being resolved, with no impact on bilateral relations.
Secret footage of workers mistreating cattle at the Bakar Tnuva abattoir last year was shown on Israeli TV and repeated on the ABC's 7.30 program.
Australia's Federal Department of Agriculture has completed a report which says the alleged breaches occurred before Australian cattle arrived in Israel, and the abattoir has made improvements including the sacking of workers and the installation of cameras.
On 7.30, the Department of Agriculture's deputy secretary Phillip Glyde acknowledged the animal abuse at the Bakar Tnuva abattoir was appalling and unacceptable, but insists that Australia's animal welfare ESCAS guidelines are "robust".
"People can have faith and people have to understand that you can't get 100 per cent right all the time," Mr Glyde said.
"Any system can have failures and our job is to try and find out if that are any failures in the system.
"If there are poor performers in the system, our job is to identify them and make sure that they are not part of the system."
Einat Weiss, spokesperson for the Embassy of Israel in Australia, said that her country has resolved the issue, without impacting on the trade.
"Everything that was in the show was taken very seriously by Israeli authorities and obviously we are working with Australian authorities and the steps that are needed to be taken are being taken by the Israeli authorities.
"The fact is that the export continues the guidelines [ESCAS] are being followed."

By Jessica Swann
Monday, 08/04/2013
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