Author Topic: Egyptian veterinarian concerned about treatment of cattle in the slaughterhouse.  (Read 892 times)

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Australia suspends live trade to Egypt after abuses revealed
Australia is looking to suspend live animal export market after vision of animal abuse emerged recently in Egypt, in a series of live export scandals to rock the Australian agriculture industry.

Australia’s Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig told media that his department had received ‘very disturbing’ footage from Egypt.

“I’ve had an opportunity of looking at that footage. Quite frankly it was sickening to see that footage,” He said.

The graphic video shows a worker killing an injured animal by cutting leg tendons.

Alison Penfold, CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council, said she was appalled by the footage despite having personally overseen the Egyptian facilities and endorsed current procedures with Australian requirements.

“We are very genuine about the suspension. There will be no animals going into those facilities until the standards are met,” Penfold told the ABC.

According to Ludwig, the Department of Agriculture started an investigation Wednesday to undertake an examination of the footage to verify that it was from Egypt and it was Australian cattle.

“We have a high degree of confidence that that is the case. However, I always caution at this point to say, that the department still has to go through the verification but for all intents and purposes it does appear to be Australian cattle.”

Australia has notified the ambassador and the embassy in Egypt to advise of the circumstances and start the investigative work.

The Egyptian authorities have also joined to investigate the matters immediately.

The same practice was documented in a different abattoir in Egypt in 2006, which led to the cessation of live trade with the country. Trade only resumed in 2010.

The footage was obtained by animal rights group Animals Australia (AA) after being alerted by a local veterinarian concerned about the treatment of cattle in the abattoirs.

“The footage shows some horrific instances of cruelty, but disturbingly it also reveals the systematic abuse inflicted on hundreds of Australian cattle each day in these slaughterhouses,” said Lisa Chalk of AA said.

Commenting on the suspension of the live export trade to Egypt after vision of the cruel treatment of Australian cattle emerged, the Australian Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said the government should “admit that they cannot stop cruel practices in overseas countries” and give certainty to the industry by expanding the trade in processed meat from Australia.

“This latest evidence of brutality in the slaughter of Australian cattle in two Egyptian abattoirs, obtained by Animals Australia, is the last straw. Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig should move to quickly transition away
from live exports and establish an overdue independent Office of Animal Welfare,” she said.

Souce: Xinhua            Publish By Thomas Whittle

 SYDNEY, May 5  2013