Author Topic: Baby calves are not sentient beings just "food". Welfare doesnt seem to matter.  (Read 702 times)

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Bobby calves selling for a pittance

By Laura Poole
Friday, 10/05/2013

Bobby calves are selling for as little as $8 each in Victoria.

Bobby calves are newborn male calves, less than two weeks old, born to dairy cows and of no use to milk production.

Prices are down because of dry conditions, a high Australian dollar and a shortage of processors that will buy calves.

Australian Dairy Farmers president Noel Campbell is calling on farmers to sell their bobby calves, rather than shoot them.
"I'd like to think that farmers will continue to sell their calves. I personally don't like euthanasing calves, I don't think any of us do," he said.
"I also have a personal view that calves are a food product and there are lots of people around the world that need food and I don't particularly like to see food wasted."