Author Topic: Bill to ban live exports 16.5.2013  (Read 987 times)

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Bill to ban live exports 16.5.2013
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 06:11:29 PM »
LIVE exports could be banned within three years if a private members bill is successful.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has announced he will soon introduce a bill into parliament trying to ban the trade.

It comes as more cruelty footage from an Egyptian abattoir was released today by Animals Australia, which it said was given the footage two days ago.

Animals Australia said the organisation had been advised the cruelty was filmed by an Egyptian veterinarian, but did not know when it was taken. They had then passed it on to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) along with contact details for the vet.

Animals Australia Campaign Director Lyn White said it was "time for politicians who support it to become personally accountable".

"We are calling on Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to provide their personal guarantee that exported animals will never again be subjected to terrible abuse," she said.

"If they cannot do so, their course of action is obvious - they must support legislation to phase out the live trade."

Ms White said farmers had been deceived.

"They have again been told that their animals were being treated humanely, only to discover otherwise," she said.

"To make matters worse, the blind political support for live export is fuelling a false confidence in a trade that is inherently unstable and unsustainable.

"The sky won't fall in without live export.
"Most Australian farmers do not export live animals and still run profitable businesses. Those who do can be assisted to transition away from the trade."

Mr Wilkie said he would again attempt to get legislation banning the trade passed by parliament.

"(The) bill would phase out live exports in three years, as well as immediately impose mandatory stunning of Australian livestock slaughtered overseas," he said.

"The live export industry is systemically cruel, opposed by the vast majority of Australians and not in our economic interests.

"This latest evidence of horrific annual cruelty in Egypt demonstrates that this trade will never have appropriate animal welfare outcomes and must be stopped."

Mr Wilkie said he would introduce his Live Animal Export (Restriction and Prohibition Bill 2013) into Federal Parliament.

"A similar Bill was rejected by the Government and Opposition in August 2011," he said.

"Since then we have seen shocking evidence of more live export cruelty in Kuwait, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt and Indonesia.

"It is my hope that the Government and Opposition will now see sense and support the end of this cruel trade."

Weekly Times Now has contacted the Australian Live Exporters' Council for comment.

Fiona Myers |  May 16, 2013