Author Topic: 2000 Dogs saved from the cruel and illegal dog trade.  (Read 738 times)

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2000 Dogs saved from the cruel and illegal dog trade.
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You Can Help End The Illegal Dog Meat Trade ... Only a few weeks ago 2,000 more dogs were intercepted from smugglers in 3 separate raids as seen in the opening sequence of this ABC television video report. Please take a moment to watch this important video to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem.

 Dogs like Foxy  along with over 30 others are undergoing life saving treatment at Soi Dog’s Bangkok clinic. Foxy was rescued from the makeshift holding center pictured below.

Over 400 dogs were found in this raid alone! No one knows how long the dogs had been like this in the jungle, in the middle of the monsoon season.
 All the dogs rescued were in desperate condition, many already suffering from pneumonia and some carrying distemper. After the latest interception, the center reported 3,049 dogs at the shelter which can at best care for 1500!

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