Author Topic: Animals shot with bow and arrow: reason to make these tools for torture illegal.  (Read 882 times)

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Pelicans shot with arrows in Mandurah  28.5.2013

  A shot pelican height=467 Photo: The arrow pierced the body of a pelican in Mandurah. (By Craig Lester)   

Wildlife authorities are appealing for information after two pelicans were shot with arrows in Mandurah last week.

In the first incident, an adult pelican was euthanised after being found with a target arrow through its chest at Soldier's Cove.

A second adult pelican is expected to survive after it was shot through both wings with a hunting arrow in the same area days later.

The Department of Environment and Conservation's Emma Lipianin says those responsible  face hefty penalties.

"To kill or injure a pelican or any protected fauna under the wildlife conservation act carries a maximum penalty of $4,000," she said.

"And, then the RSPCA has offences under their animal welfare act which carry a maximum penalty of $50,000 and a five year jail term so it's not only inhumane and cruel, it's also illegal."

Four other animals have been shot at with guns or arrows in the past month including kangaroos, horses and dogs.
An environmental officer nurses a pelican height=467 Photo: A wildlife officer assists a penguin shot with an arrow, May 2013 (Supplied: Department of Environment and Conservation)
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