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No more chances for live exports - Andrew Wilkie
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Under a bill introduced to parliament last week by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, live animal exports could be banned by 2017.

Mr Wilkie introduced the legislation to parliament as a response to a lack of action since the controversial methods for cattle slaughtering in Indonesia were revealed in 2011.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie displays a poster in parliament showing the treatment of Australia’s live animal exports. height=520
Mr Wilkie told the House of Representatives that while the government had introduced the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) to “give certainty to the community who made it clear they want better welfare standards,” the legislation was ineffective in countries such as Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt and Indonesia.

“ESCAS was intended to bring certainty but since the introduction of ESCAS the cruelty has continued unchecked,” Mr Wilkie said.

Giving several examples of brutal treatment towards Australian cattle, Mr Wilkie said that while ESCAS is investigating several incidents, the standards are not high enough.

“No wonder the Australian people have no confidence in the live export industry,” he said.

“We have seen case after case of continued live export cruelty, including in Indonesia; there is simply no doubt the industry and ultimately the government have got it wrong.

“Surely they are out of last chances.”

The Tasmanian independent denies a ban on live export trades would be a disaster for Australian farmers.

“That claim is patently false and the industry and the government well know it,” he said.

“Not least because less than 10 per cent of Australian sheep and 8 percent of Australian beef cattle, are exported live.

“The live animal export trade must end.”

This is the fourth time Mr Wilkie has introduced a bill on live exports with the previous bill on August 18 last year receiving only two votes for in the House of Representatives.

May 31, 2013,
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