Author Topic: When animal abuse leads to abuse of people  (Read 661 times)

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When animal abuse leads to abuse of people
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 ADDRESSING  cruelty to animals should be a matter of urgency not just to “animal lovers” but to all of society.

The shocking shooting of Mandurah’s iconic pelicans with target arrows follows a string of other animal abuse incidents in our region involving dogs, horses, deer and kangaroos..
Cartoon by Ron Seddon. height=318

  • Cartoon by Ron Seddon.
Reports over the past few decades have shown a strong link between the abuse of animals and abuse of humans in the same household, which makes incidents such as these all the more alarming.

For example, more than 85 per cent of domestic violence and child abuse victims interviewed in a US study reported incidents of animal abuse.

Prominent vets have spoken out that when they see cases of harm done to pets, they suspect there is a similar risk for humans in that household.

In some countries, the law even requires them to report animal harm to social services authorities.

Statistics show many serial killers have killed animals before killing humans.

Inflicting harm on another creature shows an obvious lack of empathy and compassion.

If somebody has overcome the ‘moral hurdle’ of abusing an animal, it seems it is much easier for them to be cruel to a human.

We should be ringing the alarm bells and fearing for our society if our citizens are involved in such crimes.

It is the job of the media and other agencies to drive change against institutionalised animal cruelty in Australia by promoting animal law, influencing legislative reform and building a powerful movement of animal protection advocates.

And it is the job of each household to promote empathy, starting with compassion for those unable to fend for themselves.

By  Daniela Cooper May 30, 2013
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