Author Topic: NT Pastoralist Walter Matthew Braitling charged with animal cruelty.  (Read 766 times)

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NT Pastoralist Walter Matthew Braitling charged with animal cruelty.
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 12:09:42 PM »
The case of a Northern Territory pastoralist, charged with eight counts of animal cruelty, has appeared before the Magistrates Court in Darwin today.

Pastoralist Walter Matthew Braitling, from Mount Doreen Station, about 350 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs, has been charged with failing to alleviate the suffering of a cow with an ingrown horn, and a second cow with a deformed head.

The charges also relate to trucking the animals, that were unfit for transport, to Alice Springs.

  Mount Doreen Station height=227 Photo: Yards at Mount Doreen Station, about 400 kilometres north west of Alice Springs.     
Peter Phillips, acting director of the Animal Welfare Branch, says it's prosecuting Mr Braitling after investigating the incidents that took place in July last year.

The case has been adjourned until a contest mention in the Alice Springs Magistrates Court on the 13th of June.

Mount Doreen has been in the Braitling family since its establishment in 1932.

A professor of animal welfare, Clive Phillips, from the University of Queensland, says the prosecution of cases is rare in northern Australia.

"Particularly in Queensland and the Northern Territory, prosecutions are relatively rare.

"Australian graziers are still a little bit out of sight, there are tourists going through the properties, but the properties are very large and there's a strong likelihood that some welfare issues will occur without them ever being brought to the public eye. 

"And yes, we could have legislation which is tighter, but it would be very difficult to ensure compliance.

"Sometimes the monitoring is not really possible."

If you are concerned about an animal's welfare or suspect or witness cruelty to an animal, you can report it to Animal Welfare Branch anonymously on 1300 720 386.

  ABC Rural  By  Caddie Brain   3.6.2013