Author Topic: LETTERS: Live animal export cruelty is ignored  (Read 831 times)

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LETTERS: Live animal export cruelty is ignored
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2013, 09:37:44 AM »
SENATOR Ron Boswell (C-M, Jun 3) criticises columnist Jane Fynes-Clinton's article (C-M, May 30) supporting a ban on live animal exports and her lack of facts. 

Here are some facts Boswell omitted in his article. During Australia's month-long ban of live cattle to Indonesia, to compensate for the loss, Indonesians imported frozen beef from New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government listened to the majority of their citizens and effectively banned all live animal exports years ago. The major political parties in Australia don't have the backbone to do this.

        live exports height=237 Indonesian workers unload Australian cattle from a ship in Jakarta, as debate on the cruelty and value of live exports continues to rage.  Source: The Courier-Mail   

Boswell then says Australians should care about the feelings of graziers. Boswell and the graziers didn't care two hoots about the thousands of Australian meatworkers whose jobs were lost due to live animal exports.

Droughts are a regular occurrence in Australia and if graziers can't manage this in running their properties they shouldn't be on the land.

Boswell and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, with their apology to Indonesia, show that they care more about Indonesian meatworkers than those in Australia.Live animal export is barbaric and Boswell and his faithful are out of touch with the majority of Australians on this issue.

Tom Byrnes, Grange

WHAT a tragic state of affairs described in Senator Ron Boswell's article, that in a country like Australia, in which all forms of cruelty are rejected, we need to rendition a large number of the animals in our stewardship to countries like Indonesia, where cruelty has been commonplace for decades.

Of course I feel for the producers doing it hard.

But surely if the Federal Government can outlay $500 million to save jobs in the automotive industry, they can pay freight subsidies etc to transport these animals to an Australian abattoir to level the playing field for those growers suffering from the effects of the crippling drought in northern Australia.

Or is it just easier to turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn't happen?

Andrew Ford, Morningside

I WISH to reply to Libby Homer's comment (Letters, June 1) on Jane Fynes-Clinton's article regarding live exports.

There was nothing ill-formed, untrue or exaggerated about the live export article that Fynes-Clinton wrote. I wonder if Libby Homer has watched any of the abhorrent cruelty of live exports that we have seen far too

Nothing can justify this kind of cruelty. Surely, processing beef in Australia is far better for the animals as well as Australia.

It would create thousands of jobs and would be more economical for Australia to export frozen meat.

May I also remind Libby Homer that Australians were assured that the Government and the industry were closely working together to overcome the obstacles and hurdles in Indonesia.

Yet after all the promises, again, we saw more disgusting footage from Indonesia. It has not worked. The abhorrent and unnecessary cruelty just never stops. Enough is enough.

Lia Cramer, Richlands