Author Topic: Major update: Wally's Piggery closed, another horrific piggery exposed  (Read 1018 times)

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Major update: Wally's Piggery closed, another horrific piggery exposed
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Major update: Wally's Piggery closed, another horrific piggery exposed

Activists from Animal Liberation ACT & NSW can today confirm that both of Wally Perenc's piggeries have CLOSED DOWN. A big thank you to everyone who called, emailed, or otherwise expressed their outrage, or raised awareness about pig farming in Australia by sharing our photos and videos.

However... Wally's Piggery was never just a "rogue operator". Animal Liberation has obtained the following horrifying footage from Ean Pollard's Lansdowne Piggery in Young NSW, where hundreds and hundreds of pregnant pigs scream and thrash, trying in vain to escape their tiny metal cages (known as sow stalls) while showing signs of insanity and starvation. The single eight minute continuous shot isn't "graphic", but it's still very difficult to sit through. Right now, hundreds of thousands of pigs across Australia are suffering in cages just like these.

Ean Pollard is the Chairman of the NSW Farmers Pork Committee - he's a big name in the industry. The footage was originally to be aired by Channel Seven's Today Tonight, who went to talk to Ean prior to a formal on-camera interview. He said he wouldn't show them his sow stalls; when they told him they already had footage of his sow stalls, he apparently "freaked". The day before the interview was to take place, the story was cancelled without explanation.

We've just relaunched our website,, where we'll be adding more and more investigations. Here you can see photos from Lansdowne (with more photos and videos of the rest of the piggery coming soon), and additional videos from Allain's Piggery and from Wally's Piggery, including what it now looks like as an empty, haunting reminder of the hell that was once hidden within its crumbling walls. It's important to remember that, were it not for the illegal instrusion by Animal Liberation activists, Wally would still now, one year later, be bludgeoning pigs to death with a sledgehammer.
Ladies and gentlemen... we're only just getting started.

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