Author Topic: Lesley Randell of Carabooda WA guilty to animal cruelty. Banned for life.  (Read 734 times)

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Woman banned from owning horse.

A 60-year-old Carabooda woman, who pleaded guilty in Joondalup Magistrates Court today to animal cruelty, was fined $2000 and permanently banned from owning horses. Costs of $1469 were awarded to the RSPCA. Lesley Randell was charged by the RSPCA under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

Last month, when RSPCA Inspectors attended a property in Carabooda to collect a surrendered horse, RSPCA Inspectors observed ‘Little Man’, a miniature pony, to be in a poor condition. He had difficulty walking and his hooves were overgrown. At the RSPCA’s Malaga Headquarters, vets observed all four hooves were overgrown, and his tail was matted, and contained dirt and debris, suggesting he spent a lot of time on the ground and was not receiving care.

At a specialist equine veterinary centre,  ‘Little Man’ was further examined under anaesthetic which revealed significant injuries to the pony, including one leg that was unable to be fully extended, and a decision was made to euthanase him on humane grounds due to there being no cure for his condition.

A post-mortem revealed severe degenerative joint disease and subsequent osteoarthritis in both shoulder joints which was likely to result in him suffering excruciating pain.

In her sentencing remarks, Magistrate Hawkins said the offence was “very serious and it was appropriate the RSPCA prosecuted Mrs Randell”.

“This was a particularly sad case for RSPCA Inspectors and staff to deal with, and we are pleased a permanent banning order was imposed”, RSPCA Chief Executive David van Ooran said.
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