Author Topic: Media release by Halal Certification Authority Au on atrocities in Indonesia  (Read 1261 times)

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Halal Certification Authority - Australia
(A.B.N. 33 068 275 203)
GPO Box 3906 Sydney NSW 2001
Tel: +61 2 9232 6731 Fax: + 61 2 9223 8596



This Authority hereby condemns Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) in the name of
Islam for the heinous, disgusting and un-Islamic treatment meted to animals in
slaughter houses under its watch.

This Authority has come to the conclusion that Handlers and Slaughtermen in
Indonesia have no idea about Islamic rules on animal welfare and treatment. Also
the Slaughtermen seen on the ABC report of 30/05/11 seem to either be oblivious
about the rules of Halal slaughter or choose to ignore them.

This Authority would like to remind MUI that the following acts are forbidden in

                                                                                - Hitting animals on the face or head

                                                                                - Torturing animals with water or other means

                                                                                - Dragging animals on concrete floors
                                                                               - Slashing tendons or breaking tails while animals are alive

                                                                               - Poking, gouging or kicking animals

                                                                               - Letting one animal see another being slaughtered

                                                                               - Letting animals see blood

                                                                               - Slaughtering animals using sawing action

                                                                               - Using a blunt or inadequate knife to slaughter animals

Animals in Australia are temporarily immobilised (stunned) prior to Halal
slaughter with the knowledge and acceptance of all religious as well as
governments in importing Muslim countries including Indonesia. Therefore
Indonesia is strongly advised to stop the hypocrisy and copy Australia.

MUI Executives should stop gallivanting around the world to primarily enrich
themselves and to extract funds from Western Halal Certifiers for their
organisation. Instead they should stay home to put their own house in order.

For and on behalf of
Halal Certification Authority Australia
Mohamed El-Mouelhy

Sydney 02/06/11
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