Author Topic: Wild goats to be exported overseas from QLD for slaughter in Malaysia and Brunei  (Read 2042 times)

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Goats to be exported out of Karumba. Goats will soon be exported out of the port of Karumba in Queensland's Gulf.

For years, goats have been exported out of Darwin, but Queensland is where most of the supply is drawn from.

South East Asian Livestock Services owns the export facility and manager Sam Collings says they will be mostly looking for male goats.

Rangeland goats in the yards height=467 Photo: Rangeland goats in Australia are either processed and their meat exported or they are live exported to countries like Malaysia and Brunei. (Amy Phillips)     

"The port of Karumba is very close and ideal for where we source our goats from," he said.

"So we decided to get the export yards at Karumba accredited for goats through AQIS.

"We export goats to Brunei and they look for slaughter animals, so we're looking for billy goats around the 35-kilogram mark."

Western Queensland goat producer Ian Elliot says the port opening up will make supplying goats to the live export trade more lucrative, because freight costs will be less than trucking them to Darwin.  ABC Rural  By

 Amy Phillips