Author Topic: MP Andrew Wilkie says Kevin Rudd risks backlash on cattle exports to Indonesia  (Read 876 times)


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Given Indonesia is the biggest recipient of Australian aid, I would say Indonesia is not in a position to dictate anything.

Tell them to take what we deliver in a box or go to hell in a hand cart.

WA Export News

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  KEY independent Andrew Wilkie has issued a stern warning to Kevin Rudd that he faces a "voter backlash" over any plan to increase live cattle exports to Indonesia.

In a statement this morning the Tasmanian MP, who has rallied against the export trade and called for a full ban, said he was "concerned" by reports Mr Rudd planned to discuss the issue with Indonesian President Susilo Yudhoyono in bilateral meetings in Jakarta later week.

      Live cattle exports to Indonesia are again being discussed. height=366 Live cattle exports to Indonesia are again being discussed. Source: News Limited   

"Increasing cattle exports to Indonesia will increase the cruelty," Mr Wilkie said.

"Voters have made it very clear that they are sick and tired of the Government allowing such brutal treatment of Australian animals.

"Mr Rudd would be better placed working with President Yudhoyono to create a timeline to end Australia's systemically cruel livestock export industry."

Reports this morning suggested Mr Rudd could move to increase the trade between Indonesia and Australia as part of a plan to improve relations between the two nations after tensions over the issue and asylum-seekers.

Exports were halted in 2011 after a Four Corners program showed Australian cattle being brutally abused in Indonesian abattoirs.

News Limited reported last month that a plan to export cattle to Papua New Guinea was being considered as a way to ease the pressure on the struggling industry.

  • From:  News Limited Network 
  • July 03, 2013