Author Topic: NZ SPCA looks to press charges over 65 malnourished cows. All euthanised.  (Read 1734 times)

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 SPCA looks to press charges over malnourished cows 

Published: 5:18PM Tuesday August 06, 2013 Source: ONE News

   Malnourished cows found at a Darfield farm (Source: ONE News) height=225 Malnourished cows found at a Darfield farm - Source: ONE News  A malnourished cow found at a Darfield farm (Source: ONE News) height=225 A malnourished cow found at a Darfield farm - Source: ONE News 

The SPCA is looking at pressing charges after 65 malnourished cows had to be euthanised.

Canterbury SPCA staff discovered the paddock of neglected cows in Darfield last week.

Seven of the animals had already starved to death and staff had to euthanise 65 more that were too weak to stand.

An additional 40 that were strong enough to survive were moved to another farm in SPCA custody.

The SPCA has launched an investigation to see if charges can be laid.

Canterbury SPCA centre manager Geoff Sutton said the case was particularly disturbing, but it is not the only one.

"Here in Canterbury this year we've seen more than our fair share of feed neglect, malnourished, thin, underweight animals," he said.

The Canterbury centre has had to take on extra staff to deal with an increasing number of call outs to malnourished farm animals.

"I just hope that it's not a trend," said Mr Sutton.

The problem is not exclusive to Canterbury. Sharemilking company Milk Pride was convicted and fined $40,000 after 400 of their cows were found dangerously underweight on a Waikato farm.

Mr Sutton said blaming drought or winter was not good enough.

"That's lack of planning and not acting to signals early enough. These are avoidable. Despite droughts, despite bad winter weather. These are avoidable."

A decision about whether charges will be laid over the Darfield case will not be made for several weeks.