Author Topic: Brutal Egypt in talls with ALEC about how to resume cruel live animal exports  (Read 767 times)

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Cattle diplomacy: Egypt courts Australia in hopes of resuming imports   
  Ongoing discussions to restore halted cattle trade between the two countries.
Egyptian Ambassador to Australia Hassan El-Leithy met with Alison Penfold, the CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council on Sunday 11 August, to negotiate restoring cattle exports.

The meeting, held at the Egyptian embassy in Australia, came in light of Egypt’s attempt to diversify its food resources, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry.

“No official agreements have been made yet,” said Badr Abdelatty, the spokesman for the ministry.

Australia’s exports of livestock to Egypt were halted in May after a video reportedly recorded in an Egyptian slaughterhouse showed animal cruelty.

El-Leithy said Egypt aims to take into account the means necessary for the proper treatment and care of animals. Meanwhile, the Australian official said the country is keen to create a climate for the resumption of the
export of live cattle and sheep to the Egyptian market.

During the discussion, El-Leithy stressed livestock exported must follow the Egyptian standards and specification, especially not allowing the use of growth hormones on the cattle delivered to the market “to preserve the health of the Egyptian citizens.”

The ambassador discussed means to encourage the trade between the two countries, encouraging members of the Australian council to continue investment in the sectors of agriculture, irrigation and livestock production.

Earlier in May, animal rights group Animals Australia issued a statement condemning abuses, which were first discovered in 2006. The group stated that Australia should never have continued to supply animals “to a country where cruelty to animals is routine and considered acceptable.”

  Sara Aggour  /    August 12, 2013