Author Topic: Romania to start exporting live cattle to China.  (Read 761 times)

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Romania to start exporting live cattle to China.
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 Commercial exchanges between Romania and China with pork and live cattle could start in November.

Commercial exchanges between Romania and China with pork and live cattle will start after the harmonisation of export certificates and the signing of protocols, namely towards the end of October, the beginning of November, the chairman of the ANSVSA Vladimir Manastireanu.

‘Following the meeting with the representatives of the veterinary services in China we managed to receive the model for the certificate for pork export, model which we have been waiting for since the two missions left in July. During this week, we consider we coudl finalise the certificate for pork export, which means to harmonize and establish with the Chinese part the conditions that have to be met by importer and exporter, the diseases which have to be supervised and the quality conditions for which the goods could be exported. The export certificate for cattle have almost been harmonised, with observations on the part of the Chinese and if the protocols are signed, those regarding export of pork and live cattle, we will be able to start commercial exchanges. We hope that towards the end of October, the beginning of November we will sign the protocols. It is a matter of time as both parties wish that’ the head of ANSVSA says.
The head of ANSVSA took part, between 2 and 7 September in China in the works of the Romanian-Chinese Governmental commission for economic cooperation.
On 30 August 2013, Romania and China signed a Memorandum of Agreement regarding the animal health and safety of food, which offer the Romanian producers the possibility to enter a market of two billion inhabitants and a huge demand for food with meat, pork and cattle.
For the Romanian companies in the food industry, as well as for animal breeders, the signing of this memorandum means not only access on the market with two billion inhabitants but a guarantee for the beginning of exports to other third countries, among which Vietnam, Hong Kong and Algeria.

According to the data of the National Institute for Statistics, the total number of pigs was on 1 December 2012 of 5.23 million heads dropping by 2.4 percentage against the almost 5.4 million heads recorded during the same period of 2011, while the total number of cattle was increasing by 1%. The number of cows for milk, cows for reproduction and young cows for reproduction) was almost constant, 1.26 million units respectively.
Romania is among the first ten countries in the EU for the total number of cattle, over two million heads, after France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium, according to the data published by the INS.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013