Author Topic: Magistrate says prosecutor needed more proof to show sheep came from feedlot  (Read 730 times)

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This report doesn't really reflect the matter entirely.  The footage shown depicted sheep with horrendous injuries which had been left - the sheep suffered dreadfully. There was no doubt.

The sheep came from somewhere and a half decent prosecutor will always make sure of their facts.

The reason why the alleged offenders were not found guilty is because the prosecutor FAILED to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the sheep absolutely came from the said feedlot.

What the ABC should be asking is WHY did DAFWA drop the charges against the pet food knackery? The knackery or slaughterhouse is where the sheep were found in such dreadful condition..and out of 48 sheep, only charges against 6 were laid. Ask DAFWA why? Is it because of poor management of the case? 

Didnt want the case to win?

Dont know what they are doing?

Quite possibly had they have shown more indisputable proof they would have been found guilty...

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Magistrate says prosecutor needed more proof to show sheep came from feedlot
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Magistrate drops sheep cruelty charges against Rural Export and Trading Western Australia.

 A Magistrate has dismissed animal cruelty charges laid after the discovery of seven sheep at a knackery with injuries including a broken leg, damaged hoofs and maggot infested wounds.

The sheep were alleged to have been transported to the knackery in December 2009 from a feedlot in Peel, that was owned by the company Rural Export and Trading Western Australia (RETWA).

The company and the feedlot's manager stood trial accused of causing unnecessary harm to the animals, which it was claimed should have been treated or humanely euthanized.

Magistrate Colin Roberts said while the sheep would have suffered pain, it could not be proven that they had come from the RETWA property.

Posted Fri 13 Sep 2013
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