Author Topic: Animals Australia again shines the spotlight on rule violations. 2013 Oct.  (Read 812 times)

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Animals Australia again shines the spotlight on rule violations. 2013 Oct.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2013, 04:42:26 PM »
  Sheep suffer as exporters break rules again               

On streets, in backyards and in back rooms at markets, countless sheep, during the Festival of Sacrifice, endure the agony of having their throats cut whilst fully conscious.

Often killed by untrained hands, there's no guarantees of a quick end to their suffering.
It's happening again. Tomorrow (15th October), thousands of Australian sheep are destined to be brutally slaughtered for the Festival of Sacrifice in the Middle East. They will be sold on the streets, stuffed into car boots, and butchered in back streets and makeshift abattoirs…

It will all happen with the acceptance of Australian live exporters. And it will all be illegal.

During the past week, Animals Australia investigators have documented thousands of sheep being illegally sold for sacrifice at more than 30 locations throughout Jordan and Kuwait. 'Strict' live export rules were meant to protect animals from this fate. But rather than abide by them, vendors appear to be attempting to conceal the identity of exporters through the mass removal of ear tags from Australian sheep in the region. More details »

Regulations will continue to be deliberately disregarded and animals will continue to suffer unless the exporters responsible face prosecution and severe penalties.

Public pressure on politicians motivated them to introduce live export regulations. Now your voice can help ensure these regulations are enforced. Send an instant message to your MP, calling on them to make sure the Department of Agriculture imposes the toughest possible penalties on the exporters responsible for these breaches.

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