Author Topic: Bahrain looks at the question of legal protection for animals against cruelty  (Read 828 times)

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Animal rights laws?   

   It's about time that we, as a society, began to wake up, grow, and make efforts to improve Bahrain rather than destabilise it. On a social level that is. 

Several instances of animal cruelty have been reported in the country and nothing has been done to stop it. Who is responsible? Everyone - citizens, teachers, religious figures, ministries, expatriates, and authorities, to name a few. All of us who are part of society are responsible for this.

Most of these cases go unreported, such as children and teenagers being cruel to stray dogs and unfair treatment of pets etc. It is important that our courts establish laws for animal rights (if not established already) or perhaps modify them, and most importantly implement them.

Parents should assume responsibility by  teaching children that animal cruelty is wrong. Dear parents, if you want your children to grow into respectful adults, you need to demonstrate to them the importance of being respectful and compassionate towards animals. A society that does not respect animals (domestic, wild, strays) does not respect its people.

This statement is not to be taken lightly. It is a nation's respect for animals that shows the extent of its respect towards humanity. A country that does not respect animal rights does not believe in human rights as well.

A person who abuses animals, tortures or even disrespects them, possesses the same qualities within him and is very capable of directing them towards people. A crime of any sort towards an animal is a crime against society.

Schools should teach students compassion towards animals; and perhaps even grade them accordingly. It is important to include this in the educational system. Perhaps very few schools already do that. I believe it is about time all of them start taking the initiative of developing the best in their students.

Getting high grades should not be the only goal. Otherwise the school is partly a failure. And parents who are searching for schools to enrol their children should also take this into consideration.

The Education Ministry can be involved in this effort. Drivers should be more cautious not to run over a cat or dog that is crossing the street. Some people gain pleasure in doing so because they have personality issues.  Maybe they feel powerful. The alternative is to either slow down to take the next lane or simply stop the car (if possible) and wait for the animal to cross. Who are we to run over animals, or even kill them?

I wish the traffic police begins issuing tickets to irresponsible drivers who run over animals in situations that could have been avoided.

If God created us, He also created animals and all other species, including donkeys. Those who disagree with this would agree that God did not create us. Period.

I have never seen anyone respect a donkey in Bahrain; and I find it very shameful. Over the years, other animals like dogs and cats are facing this sick situation. So it appears only when animals come into contact with humans do they suffer. Can you believe that?

Of course, there are many animal lovers out there, but this is simply targeted towards animal-haters. Police must become involved in animal cruelty cases: Animal abusers should be arrested so that people in Bahrain know that police do take such cases seriously.

For those who believe in freedom, remember that justice won't exist, nor will it grow by simply destroying the public. No freedom will be available unless you give freedom and respect for animals.

There are many democratic countries that don't respect animal rights. If so, they don't respect human rights either. Even though they claim and publicise that they do.

This is one of the most overlooked issues in many countries. So, before going out in public to demonstrate or protest, it would be more effective to begin by showing compassion and respect towards animals. 

Our society must not depend on non-profit animal welfare organisations to take care of animals and strays. Everyone must be responsible. What these organisations do is great; but it is not enough. We don't need to
wait and mimic animal rights regulations in other countries such as the West or Europe before we begin to implement such laws in Bahrain. We should rather set an example.  If there was no law that punishes
someone who kills another, does it mean that we are free to commit such crimes? Would we actually go and kill people? The same goes for animals. Comments and feedback welcomed at Imad

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