Author Topic: MP Lisa Baker hits out at Liberal backflips over mass slaughter of horses  (Read 508 times)

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MP Lisa Baker hits out at Liberal backflips over mass slaughter of horses
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29 October 2013

Barnett Government backflips on wild horse cull in Kimberley

The Barnett Government should immediately put a stop to  the  culling of wild horses at Lake Gregory in the Kimberley, Member for Maylands Lisa Baker said today.

Ms Baker said she understood the culling of the animals commenced today.

“In 2010 Deputy Premier Dr Kim Hames promised the traditional owners of the region, animal protection groups and people of WA that the Barnett Government would identify
management options for the wild horse population at Lake Gregory,” Ms Baker said.

“Dr Hames made this promise following enormous public reaction against the threatened
aerial cull of these animals.

“Two years later the new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Peter Collier, reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to finding a humane management plan for the horses at both
Lake Gregory and Billiluna stations.

“A year on, these horses are again being threatened with aerial culling, which I am advised
has begun today.”

Ms Baker said the  Aboriginal people who lived and worked on these stations wanted the Barnett Government to keep its promise and support them in establishing self-sustaining
enterprises based on capturing and training these animals.

“There is no justifiable reason for the  Barnett Government’s backflip on this issue,” she said.

“Chasing herds of horses with a helicopter creates a panicked flight response and related stress which causes injury, foals become separated from mares and animals are trampled
and left injured.

“All of these outcomes were recorded when a previous aerial cull took place in the region.

“Managing the number of horses to achieve a sustainable level can be done without cruelty and can bring positive benefits to the people and the wild horses of the Kimberley,”
she said.