Author Topic: Live export cattle forced to live in knee-deep mud. Northern Territory.  (Read 1790 times)

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Live export cattle forced to live in knee-deep mud. Northern Territory.
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Cows stuck in muddy quarantine yard   

    A PADDOCK of cattle who found themselves stuck knee-deep in mud have been moved to drier ground.
The large herd was huddled in a paddock on Wishart Rd in Berrimah this week but the recent wet monsoonal weather meant the area had become inundated with water.

Concerned NT News readers were having a cow at the sight of the animals and contacted the newspaper.

Many of them were wondering if the animals were distressed by their muddy living arrangements.

The cattle were found splashing around in the muck caused by several days of solid rain.

     Stuck cows height=366   Cattle endured muddy conditions in a quarantine yard off Wishart Rd in Berrimah. Picure: HELEN ORR Source: NT News
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries spokesman Matthew Henger said that the cattle had been relocated to the nearby holding yards that were drier than the paddock.

Animal welfare workers visited the paddock and decided to transfer the cattle to the higher ground on Wednesday night.

Mr Henger said the large numbers of cattle resulted in some deciding to explore the area. "There were a high number of cattle across the yards," he said.

     Stuck cows height=366 Cows doing it tough in muddy conditions. Picure: HELEN ORR Source: NT News   

He said the cattle had drifted into the paddock after a gate was left open but it was now shut. The cattle, estimated to be a potential record number of more than 300,000, were due to be transported to Indonesia this morning.
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