Author Topic: Ban live animal exports: Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.  (Read 4155 times)

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Ban live animal exports: Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.
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   Cattle and sheep deaths during live animal exports reached almost 15 000 in the last year according to a Department of Agriculture report. Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie introduced his fourth Bill into Parliament on Monday to phase out the industry by 2017.

Mr Wilkie says despite a reduction in deaths from the previous year, the report does not include the mistreatment of animals once they reach their destination.

"There's one example where 4000 sheep died aboard a ship from Fremantle to Qatar last year, but another 3000 sheep of that vessel had to be slaughtered when they were offloaded because of the condition they were in."

Mr Wilkie says it is not in Australia's economic self interest to continue live animal export.

"There is no reason why animals can't be slaughtered in Australia in appropriately certified abattoirs and still exported into Muslim countries in fact."

His private member's Bill would see the industry end on July 1, 2017 and overseas abattoirs must conform to Australian standards over the next three years.

"In the interim there would be improved safe guards and in particular a requirement that Australian livestock only be exported to overseas abattoirs that will stun before slaughter."

Mr Wilkie says the past and present Parliament is completely out of step with the majority of public opinion.

"Only one of the previous three Bills was allowed to come on for a full debate and a vote and when that was done the only person who supported me in the chamber and the House of
Representatives was Adam Bant from Melbourne to his credit."

"Everyone else sat or stood on the opposite side of the chamber including many members who share our view, who feel very strongly that the live animal export trade is cruel... they felt bound by party discipline and I think in doing so betrayed their own principals and their constituents."

By Alyssa Allen

ABC's Steve Martin spoke to Andrew Wilkie