Author Topic: Indonesian police 'open fire' on Aussie cows after highway accident  (Read 5342 times)

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Indonesian police 'open fire' on Aussie cows after highway accident
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2014, 10:40:08 AM »
Indonesian media outlets are reporting that local police in North Jakarta 'opened fire' at a number of cows on a busy toll road, after the truck transporting the cattle overturned.

Sources from the live export industry have told ABC Rural the cattle involved were imported from Australia.

  Traffic congestion in Jakarta height=227 Photo: Traffic congestion in Jakarta (Flickr: VasenkaPhotography)   

The animals were being transported from Tanjung Priok port to Bekasi.

It's understood that a total of 13 animals escaped the crashed vehicle, of which six were shot by local police and another was killed by a passing truck.

According to the Jakarta Post, the traffic police shot at the cows to prevent them from disturbing the busy Cakung-Cilincing toll road.

"The cows were jeopardising the safety of motorists," said traffic patrol unit head Jazari.

"The officers were forced to shoot because these cows (were) running amok and very dangerous."

The truck transporting the cattle overturned after it was hit from behind by another truck. 

ABC Rural    Updated 4.6.2014