Author Topic: Cruelty woman back in court-28.5.2012. Katherine King-cruel back yard breeder  (Read 3067 times)

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Cruelty woman back in court

Monday, 28 May 2012 10:42               

A woman will appear in Northam Magistrates Court on Monday for sentencing after being charged by the RSPCA with animal cruelty related charges. At her last appearance in court, Katherine Lisa King was granted an adjournment so she could seek legal advice. A co-accused, Mariana Kathleen Smith, did not appear and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

Katherine Lisa King, 41, of South Doodlakine has been found guilty of breaching sections 19 (1) and 19 (2a) and 19 (3h) and also Sections 55 (1), 55 (2) and (4) of the Animal Welfare Act 2002. The two charges relate to cruelty and breaching a court imposed banning order.

Mariana Kathleen Smith, 59, of Chittering, has been charged with breaching sections 19 (1), 19 (2) (a) and 19 (3) (h) of the Animal Welfare Act 2002, namely that she was cruel to animals and allowed them to suffer harm which could have been alleviated by the taking of reasonable steps.

On 24 January 2012, RSPCA Inspectors assisted Police and council Rangers with the execution of a search warrant on the South Doodlakine property. As a result some 50 dogs were seized and taken to the RSPCA in Malaga.

The dogs, of various breeds and age, were roughly segregated according to breed in different areas of the property.

Many of the dogs were found to be suffering from ear mite and secondary infections resulting from failure to treat the conditions by taking the animals to a vet.

An underground bunker was also located on the property; the floor of the bunker was three metres below ground and could only be accessed through a small circular hole with a metal lid, about one metre in diameter.

When the lid was opened there was a stench of animal faeces and urine and 12 dogs were located in the bunker. While there was food and water, the dogs were confined to total darkness during the day with little or no ventilation.