Author Topic: Shame on Cyprus- animal cruelty rife.  (Read 713 times)

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Shame on Cyprus- animal cruelty rife.
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 Cruelty outrage 

27 June 2014 12:28


Police confirmed on Thursday that an investigation has been launched into reports of animal cruelty after a stray dog was allegedly thrown into a cardboard crushing machine by staff at a Paralimni hotel.

Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Famagusta police spokesman George Economou said a probe into the incident was launched immediately after authorities received an official complaint.

"The investigation is still at the early stages and we are currently taking statements from witnesses and other individuals in the case. If the law has been broken, arrests will be made and those responsible will be brought before justice," he added.

The media was alerted over the shocking case of animal cruelty by a local animal welfare group that described the perpetrators as "savages" who give Cyprus a bad reputation.
According to Cyprus Animal Party, the owner of the hotel in question asked his employees to get rid of the stray dog in the area which he considered was annoying customers. 
Two staff members allegedly caught the canine and put it in a box crushing machine outside the hotel which they switched on before leaving the dog to die.

Tourists, who heard frantic barking, managed to save the badly injured dog and took it to a local veterinarian clinic where it is being treated. The dog, however, is in a bad way and may succumb to its injuries, the animal welfare group said.   

"The Cyprus Animal Party condemns this barbaric incident of animal cruelty and demands that those responsible are made to answer for their actions."

In another announcement yesterday, the Cyprus Green party strongly condemned the incident and reiterated local animal welfare activists' long-term plea appeal for the creation of Animal Police.
"We strongly condemn this abhorrent case of cruelty against a stray dog," said the greens while warning the incident will damage Cyprus' reputation as a family friendly tourist destination.

"Reports of animal cruelty in our country are circulating all over the world and destroying our once positive image."

The Greens also called on the authorities to create as a matter of urgency an Animal Police or at the very least an official body to coordinate animal welfare issues.

"This new incident clearly shows the necessity of creating an animal police force. Despite assurances from the Minister of Justice and Chief of police there have been no efforts to make it materialise."

Cyprus has garnered a poor reputation for animal welfare issues with a spate of particularly cruel cases making the headlines over recent months.