Author Topic: Poor transport practice in WA sees a bull half hanging out of a truck.  (Read 20125 times)

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Poor transport practice in WA sees a bull half hanging out of a truck.
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 WA transport sector defends animal welfare practices when trucking cattleThe livestock transport industry in Western Australia says drivers do all they can to avoid livestock escaping from moving vehicles.

Chelsea Wells of Quairading took a photo of a black cow trying to leap from a moving truck as she was driving on Tuesday.

"Saw this cow hanging from the trailer on the way to Perth from Quairading," Chelsea wrote on a social media post. 

    A cow tries to escape from a loving truck height=227 Photo: A cow tries to escape from a moving livestock trailer near Quairading, in Western Australia. (Chelsea Wells)   
"Yelled out to the truck driver and he pulled over, not sure what he would do though because it was a huge cow."
The photo attracted more than 1,500 comments on the WA Country Hour facebook page, many concerned about the welfare of the animal.

CEO of Mitchell's Livestock John Mitchell works for the larger buyers at the Muchea saleyards, 60 kilometres north of Perth, and shifts more than 500,000 head of cattle each year.

He says incidents like this are extremely rare.

"It's not something that happens of a regular basis. 

"You wouldn't expect to need to take evasive action every time you follow a cattle trailer because that is pretty unlikely.

"There are cross bars in most trailers that probably stop the back of the animal, the back legs of the animal, coming out."

Mr Mitchell says drivers across WA have a good affinity with animals and care greatly for the safety of stock onboard.

"We plan loads accordingly if there are risky animals.

"There's always room for improvement.

"When something happens you've got to modify your behaviour to learn from that and this is probably a case of that."

Mr Mitchell says the vehicle pictured was not from his fleet.

WA Country Hour  By Olivia Garnet

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