Author Topic: Shocking images show Coolup (Western Australia) cow cruelty  (Read 4335 times)

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Shocking images show Coolup (Western Australia) cow cruelty
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 Shocking images show Coolup cow cruelty

Local resident Dawn Stancer said she was driving past the land when she noticed several dead, decomposing cows and malnourished cattle, including calves.

“The first one we saw was a little baby calf with faeces all over it and it was really skinny,” Ms Stancer said.

“That’s when we stopped and got out of the car.

“We saw a really sick cow that couldn’t even get up.

“There was the body of a calf and another calf that we thought was dead but was just too weak to move.

“It was horrible, there must have been 20 or more, we lost count.

“I was raised on farms, and to see all that was just so distressing.

“It makes me so angry that whoever owns them can let this happen.”

Shire of Murray chief executive officer Dean Unsworth said Shire rangers attended the property last Monday and immediately called the RSPCA.

He said the RSPCA confirmed on Tuesday that the animal welfare complaint was being investigated.

“The Shire of Murray was saddened to learn of the recent neglect of cattle at a property in Coolup,” Mr Unsworth said. 

“The Shire will continue to provide all parties with assistance until the matter is resolved.”

The RSPCA said it was investigating the complaint.

“An inspector did attend the property this week and is currently working with the owner to address matters related to the cattle on the property,” they said.

Animal Justice Party state leader Katrina Love said authorities should step in when anyone is found to be neglecting animals, either domestic or commercial.

“I think people that are in the position of ownership of animals, whether a companion or livestock, have an obligation to care for those animals and at the very least provide them with feed, shelter and water,” she said.

On Wednesday the cattle were reportedly removed from the property and transferred to another nearby site.