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: RSS - XML news feed
: WA Export Info January 01, 2007, 05:54:57 PM
We've set up a  RSS / XMlL News Feed for the forum.

What's a News Feed ?
A news feed is where postings to a forum, blog or other are output to a RSS / XML file; this file can be read by News Feed readers, and now by Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox 2 browsers (see bottom of post).

What's a News Feed Reader?
News Feed readers are small programs that receive RSS / XML news feeds from syndicated and other sources, delivering the updated news articles to your desktop.

Get a free RSS/XML News Reader
FeedReader ( is a stand alone reader.
Pluck RSS Reader ( this one integrates into Internet Explorer giving it RSS reading ability.
Tristana RSS Reader ( another stand alone reader
RSSReader ( this one requires Microsoft's .Net framework ( installing first

Other RSS/XML News Feeds are listed here by category (

( Valid RSS - Validate my RSS feed  (

RSS - XML News Feed
you may either click the feed link icon for a particular board ( in the main forum index ( to receive a direct feed, or the feedmailer icon ( to receive the feed with your other feeds at FeedMailer ( via email.

alternatively you can copy the URL below (without the enclosing brackets) to receive a feed for the entire forum, and paste into your Feed Reader or into your browsers address bar
[;limit=10;action=.xml ] 

If you are using Firefox 2 ( browser, you can paste the above URL into the address bar and use Live Bookmarks to subscribe to the feed.
This feature is also available in the new Internet Explorer 7 (

After you have entered the URL into the address bar, and gone to the resulting forum page, click the feed subscribe icon ( (at end of address bar in Firefox 2, or next to the homepage icon in IE7) to view the feed contents.

For more information on this feature;