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: Number of live sheep to be imported from Australia will increase to 650,000
: Export News Tasmania January 02, 2012, 02:56:42 PM
The three projects in Sudan to be implemented by Qatar meat and livestock company (Mawashi) for cultivation of fodder, cattle and poultry will start production within two years, a Mawashi top official said in an interview to the local daily Arrayah.

Ahmed Nasser Saree al-Kaby, chief executive officer, Mawashi, said that these projects for which HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani had laid the foundation stone are proceeding as per the schedule.

“As much as 100,000 tonnes of wet and dry fodder will roll out of the fodder factory while 6mn birds will be produced from the poultry farm per annum within two years from now. The number of birds will increase to 12mn within four years,” he said, adding that the number of live sheep to be imported from Australia will increase to 650,000 during the next year.

Assuring the public, he said that the Australian mutton will continue to be sold at the subsidised rate and Mawashi has ample stock of sheep from other countries including Syrian, Jordanian, Georgian and Somalian besides Australian cows.

A feasibility study has been done on acquiring a slaughterhouse in Australia and in all probability an agreement will be signed for this purpose with the internationally known Australian firm Willard, he said.

“Mawashi is also planning to acquire a fleet of cargo vessels since transportation of livestock is a major problem. By having its own fleet costs can be reduced and the time schedule for shipment can be organised at its convenience,” the Mawashi CEO said, adding: “Plans are also underway for acquiring a range of female breeds of sheep and increase their progeny through artificial insemination.”

Mawashi has increased its number of sales outlets to 50 in different parts of Doha and the outskirts. (