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: Psychopathic Gisborne Secondary College student tortures rabbit
: Export News Tasmania May 11, 2012, 07:30:20 PM
GISBORNE Secondary College will today ‘take action’ against a senior student who allegedly kicked and killed a rabbit at the school yesterday.

The year 11 student allegedly chased and kicked the rabbit causing fatal injuries.

The Weekly understands a video of the attack was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, but has since been taken down.

Friends of the boy and students joked about the attack on social media yesterday.

College principal John Flanagan told the Weekly he was shocked when he heard about the incident.

‘‘I didn’t see it happen but I have spoken to the student and we haven’t taken action yet,’’ Mr Flanagan said.

‘‘We will be speaking to his parents today to finalise what the consequences will be.

‘‘I have certainly expressed shock, horror and displeasure at what was alleged to have occurred.’’

Mr Flanagan said the ‘‘stupid and reckless’’ attack was out of character and a one-off incident.

‘‘The boy concerned understands the significance of what he’s done and has shown appropriate remorse.’’

On Facebook last night, the alleged offender posted: ‘‘I may of accidentally kicked and killed a rabbit at school.’’

He also wrote, ‘‘...I don’t even know what everyone is angry about hahaha’’.

There were a number of responses to his posts in support of his actions, which made light of the rabbit’s death.

The RSPCA is investigating.