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: Inline Image Attachment Instructions
: WA Export Info November 20, 2006, 12:23:25 PM
Quick guide for using "Link Inline Image" when posting a topic

you are going to post an article and you have 3 photos to go with it, but you want to place the photos at specific points in the text.

after typing the text, in desired order of display, browse for the photos you want to attach.

next place the code where you want each attachment to display in the text.
[attach=#] where # is replaced by the order number of the attachment - i.e 1, 2, 3   etc

first image attachment to go here (where # = 1) [attach=1]

then the 2nd image (where # = 2) [attach=2]

and then the 3rd image (where # = 3) [attach=3]

Please note: max size 128 KB per attachment, max number of attachments per post is 6, with overall attachment size per post of 384 KB.

Also note; images won't display until post is saved, once saved you can "modify" the post if you need to 'fine tune' attachment position. Image thumbnails are displayed in the post, but if you click the image, then a larger version appears.