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: Duck saved in “one of the worst” cases of animal cruelty - Northern Territory
: WA Export News October 02, 2014, 07:43:59 AM
Duck saved in “one of the worst” cases of animal cruelty                 (   Lucky Duck was found tied up with fishing line inside a plastic bag along Mitchell St in Darwin. Pictures: IVAN RACHMAN Source: Supplied
        (   Lucky Duck Source: News Limited
JUST two days after a case of animal cruelty described by a volunteer as “one of the worst” she’d ever seen, Lucky the duck is back on his feet and getting acquainted with his new mates and a new crack at life.

He was saved by quick-thinking tenants who spotted a discarded Woolies shopping bag twitching in the gardens at an apartment complex on Mitchell St on Monday.

On further investigation, it was several bags tied together and inside was a fully grown muscovy drake bound at the legs by fishing line.

Wildcare NT volunteer Terri Wright took the call from the group and discovered Lucky on the brink of death.

“I’ve seen some pretty bad things but that was pretty bad, one of the worst,” she said.

Lucky was cloaked in flies and a putrid smell, limp and unable to stand.

Ms Wright took him to the care of Barb Backers of Colliwobble Farm, a 4ha property in Virginia housing all manner of rescued  animals including peacocks, emus, wallabies, galahs and other ducks.

Yesterday, the appropriately named Lucky was standing for the first time since his ordeal but not quite ready to move from his aviary.

“He is very, very quiet and hasn’t eaten anything yet, and he still smells.

“It’s TLC from here,” Ms Backers said.

The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries confirmed welfare officers were investigating.

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