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: Beastly fates inspire anger
: Export News Tasmania January 08, 2012, 09:25:45 PM
THE live-animal trade is not only inherently cruel, it is costing Australian jobs.

That is the opinion of Bundeena resident Morna McIlraith, who is passionate about campaigning for the halt of live trade.

Australia exports live animals to countries including Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

"There are two sides to the problem: the transport itself and the slaughter and handling at the destination," Ms McIlraith said.

"Most people don't realise there are so many animals crammed onto the ship that they are wedged together, so problems begin from the start with injuries from crushing.

"It is followed by problems with the pellet foods that is unfamiliar to them and some starve to death."

Ms McIlraith is working as a volunteer with the World Society for the Protection of Animals to get the message out about the trade.

"There are expected losses on each shipment and 2 per cent is considered normal. It is extremely inhumane.

"There are plenty of documented cases of fire on board and ships sinking. It is dangerous and perilous for the animals."

Sending live animals overseas was also taking jobs away from Australian abattoir workers, Ms McIlraith said.

"I can't understand why Australia isn't phasing out to a chilled meat trade, as most of the countries we import to already accept halal chilled meat from Australia."

Should Australia change its approach to live-animal trade?

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