Live Export Shame

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: Vets Against Live Export. And so they should be. New website online now.
: WA Export News January 20, 2012, 08:24:14 PM
Leading the transition away from live export.

 Despite assurances to the contrary from government and industry, live export of cattle, sheep and goats still results in immeasurable animal suffering.

But many animal care professionals are unable or afraid to object for fear of losing their job.

VALE is a group of veterinarians and other animal care professionals who are prepared to speak out to show the reality behind live export, and expose the people who are continuing to let it happen despite overwhelming evidence that it is cruel practice.

This website is brand new. Soon it will host a wealth of information on the live export players, what they have said, and why they have said it. If you are media, you will soon have access to letters and technical reports with which you will have a field day.