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: Extract from the "Independent review of Australias livestock export trade."
: WA Export News March 11, 2012, 10:59:26 AM
The following is an extract from the recently published review on livestock export from Australia. The review was undertaken by Mr Bill Farmer.

A link to the review is provided at the end of this post.

Independant review of Australia's livestock export trade

"Shipboard AAVs deliver daily reports and their end-of-voyage reports through the  exporter to AQIS. Concerns have been expressed that AAVs have misreported health
or welfare-related incidents and mortalities during voyages or that AAVs are subject to pressure from an exporter to omit information from reports or document observations  in a way favourable to the exporter, under threat of loss of contract. Submissions were received from three former AAVs who stated that exporters had attempted to influence their voyage reports, and that following unfavourable reports, their employment had been reduced or terminated.

There have also been accounts from AQIS veterinarians of short-cuts in animal treatments and vaccinations during pre-export preparation.

Under Section 9H of the Export Control Act, it is an offence for an AAV to fail to remedy deficiency in undertaking an AEP. Under Section 9K it is a strict liability offence to obstruct or hinder an AAV undertaking an AEP.

AQIS regional LEP veterinarians told the Review they considered the great majority of  AAVs are professional and provide an excellent service. However, they observed sub- standard work by some AAVs. Examples included needing to supervise an AAV’s work, late or incomplete paperwork and instances of false certification of stock treatment.

AQIS LEP veterinarians said they were unable to pursue these cases because hard evidence was lacking or because of time constraints.

One former AAV claimed the exporter had changed the mortality figure in his report.

This claim was confirmed by the AQIS Compliance and Investigation Program and subsequently by the exporter. This is the only confirmed example of substantial pressure on AAV reporting."

Extract from page 37 of The report of the Independent Review into Australia's Livestock Export Trade. Follow the link to access and download the report.

Explanations for AAV, AEP and LEP:

AAV - AQIS Accredited vet which is the exporter's vet- paid for and contracted to the exporter.

LEP - Live Export Programme

AEP - is Approved Export Programme
: Re: Extract from the "Independant review of Australias livestock export trade."
: Mello March 13, 2012, 08:48:50 PM
Does anyone know if theres any other damaging evidence in the report? Time constrained so cannot read it in full at this stage.
: Re: Extract from the "Independant review of Australias livestock export trade."
: Export News Tasmania March 15, 2012, 11:01:37 PM
Hi there ... if you can leave it with me, I can have more information available tomorrow...