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: Pastoral rents 'killing cattle industry' 08.06.2012
: Export News Tasmania June 09, 2012, 06:00:46 PM
PASTORALIST Paul Holmes a Court has slammed the Barnett government for "doing absolutely nothing" to address massive rent hikes hitting Western Australia's struggling cattle industry.

The chief executive of the Heytesbury cattle empire spoke out yesterday after losing a legal battle over the increase, which caused rent on his Kimberley stations to quadruple in 2009.
The hike was part of a five-year government review of land values and Mr Holmes a Court said he decided to fight it in the State Administrative Tribunal after failing to convince the government to act.

Beef producer S Kidman & Co joined Mr Holmes a Court's action and the tribunal decision is likely to be examined closely by other pastoralists paying rent.

Mr Holmes a Court said the tribunal had essentially ruled that WA's valuer-general was doing his job in determining the rent hikes. He said it was up to WA Lands Minister Brendon Grylls to act and support the cattle export industry.
"In 2009, pastoral lease rents quadrupled. When you consider the economic state of the industry, that doesn't make any sense. We tried to draw that to the attention of the minister but he's done nothing," Mr Holmes a Court said.He said the industry was being hit hard before last year's suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia. "In real terms the price of our product is going down and has been for a couple of decades, while in real terms the cost of our operations is going up."

Mr Holmes a Court said the WA government had not considered the viability of the industry in determining the rent hikes.

West Australian Pastoralists and Graziers Association president Rob Gillam said pastoralists in the Kimberley had faced an average 330 per cent increase on their rents.

"They (the government) have forgotten about the people who have been there forever in the range lands and been very excited about doing everything they can to gather more revenue from the resources sector," Mr Gillam said.

Nationals MP Wendy Duncan said the state government had helped by reducing rent increases after the live cattle export ban and the government was reviewing how rents were determined.

She said rents had been reduced for six months following the suspension of exports, saving pastoralists $10.8m. More than 75 per cent of pastoralists paid less than $200 a week in rent and more than 90 per cent paid less than $500 a week, she said. (http://)
: Re: Pastoral rents 'killing cattle industry' 08.06.2012
: Export News Tasmania June 09, 2012, 06:01:14 PM
I'd love to be struggling like these people are...