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: Animal welfare training taxes the MLA budget 08.06.2012
: Export News Tasmania June 09, 2012, 06:17:57 PM
 Research and deveopment body Meat and Livestock Australia says it can't spend any more money developing new markets for live cattle exports, as its budget is taken up with training in animal welfare.

 It's a year today since the Federal Government temporary suspended the live cattle trade to Indonesia.

 The new Australian Government standards are being applied to all of Australia's livestock markets and have already come into force in Indonesia and Egypt.

 Managing director Scott Hansen says MLA is spending $8 million in training in Indonesia alone, an increase of 20 per cent since the Government lifted the ban on the live cattle trade.

 "The focus of our programs and activities are around ensuring that the previous markets that were being serviced, are able to meet the requirements of the new regulations, so we're assisting with the supply chains in each of those countries, that want to be able to continue accessing Australian livestock are able to do so."

 While Australian commodity forecaster ABARES believes the live trade will shrink by 30 per cent to all markets this year, Mr Hansen says the world still wants protein, however it might take it.

 "We see tremendous opportunity of boxed beef trade, as we have rising prosperity in many South East Asian markets," he said.

 "Our job remains working with branded products and end users to grow that demand, and our budget reflects the opportunity that exists but the ability for us to influence that opportunity." (http://)
: Re: Animal welfare training taxes the MLA budget 08.06.2012
: Export News Tasmania June 09, 2012, 06:20:23 PM
Since they claim to have been doing this in the Middle East for decades and in Indonesia for at least a decade, this is nothing more than meaningless spin. More taxpayer dollars down the MLA black hole. There's been mno improvement in all that time and this filthy trade can never rise above the truth of the obscene cruelty.