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: Live animal exports caught out AGAIN- BAHRAIN shipments on hold
: WA Export News September 12, 2012, 01:23:17 PM
Bahrain live sheep trade on hold

By Belinda Varischetti

Wednesday, 12/09/2012

The Live Export Council doesn't expect ships loaded with livestock will be sent to Bahrain any time soon.

Last year, Bahrain took 344,000 Australian sheep, almost 15 per cent of the market.
But a shipment of 22,000 head was rejected by officials last week because of concerns about scabby mouth disease.
The sheep were eventually discharged in Pakistan.
CEO of the Live Export Council, Alison Penfold, says it would simply be too big a risk to send more animals without any assurances in place.
"We want to work through the issues, and we're hopeful of doing so with the Bahrainis as soon as possible, so that exports can again continue to flow to what has been an important and reliable market for Australian livestock for many, many years." (