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: Latest revelation of the mistreatment of Australian livestock sent overseas..
: WA Export News September 19, 2012, 11:13:11 AM
The latest revelation of the mistreatment of Australian livestock sent overseas, this time cattle and sheep for breeding, is  every bit as sickening as all the other revelations in recent years.
The  news of dead and dying Australian cattle and sheep in Qatar, screened  on the ABCís 7.30 Report last night, is more evidence  that the Governmentís animals for export safeguards are mostly theatre  for public consumption. They do little to genuinely protect the many  cattle, sheep and goats we ship and fly overseas each year.
How widespread the cruelty is in the export for breeding industry remains unclear. But if last nightís revelation is anything  to go by, there are serious problems in this part of the live export industry and virtually no safeguards in place.
Australiaís live animal export system is fundamentally broken. Last nightís revelation came as thousands of diseased Australian  sheep are being put down in Pakistan, and not long since the cruelty to  Australian sheep in Kuwait was publicised. The repeated instances of  cruelty to Australian cattle in Indonesia is also infamous, with further  cruelty uncovered in February.
The Federal Government must move quickly to investigate this latest shocking revelation and then develop and implement comprehensive safeguards to protect Australian livestock sent overseas for breeding purposes.
Moreover the Parliament really should get behind my latest Bill which would put in place mandatory stunning and ensure that  Australian livestock exported for slaughter can only be transported, yarded and slaughtered to Australian standards.

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