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: Wellard gets green light for live sheep shipment
: Export News Tasmania September 24, 2012, 11:32:53 PM
 Wellard Rural Exports has confirmed it is one of the exporters that has received a permit from the Federal Government to export 65,000 sheep to the Middle East market of Qatar.
   ( ( The Ocean Drover is the world's largest, purpose-built livestock carrier.  (Belinda Varischetti)
 The new export permits have a number of conditions attached, including extra checks on animals.

 Managing Director of Wellard, Mauro Balzarini, says he has informed the Qatari market of the changes made by the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Food (DAFF).

 "There is no formal extra compliance from the importer point of view, all the extra conditions are on us as an exporter."

 "Obviously they (Qatar) are not happy... they've been a good customer for us for thirty years, we've never had problem there, they were very happy to embrace ESCAS, and they understand the value of it, so obviously they must be a bit disappointed that despite that we're still not happy with them."

 The catalyst to the extra conditions was the situation that developed with a Wellard shipment to Bahrain three weeks ago which was rejected due to animal health concerns.

 Wellard Rural Exports doesn't believe the new rules and regulations are justified as a result of what happened in Bahrain.

 "That was an accident and should not change the way you export to other markets," he said.

 Mr Balzarini says Wellard Rural Exporters is talking to the DAFF about the future of the live export trade.

 He doesn't believe the newly negotiated extra conditions will achieve better animal welfare for the livestock.

 "If we want to increase animal welfare standards we can work together but those conditions I don't think they are significant to that," he said.

 "The perception of the risk involved in ship export is excessive and we would like to make this clear."

Wellards' MV Ocean Drover is docked at the port of Fremantle and has started loading the 65,000 sheep.

By Belinda Varischetti Monday, 24 September  2012