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: DAFF questions future of sheep exports in Pakistan
: Export News Tasmania September 27, 2012, 08:31:05 PM
27/09/2012 - The Federal Agriculture Department (DAFF) has suggested it won't allow any more live exports to Pakistan after the ongoing sheep controversy in the country.

About 7,000 Australian sheep have been culled in Karachi by local officials, in what's been reported to have been a cruel and inhumane way.
 The exporter of the sheep, Wellard, says its export partner in Pakistan was to slaughter the sheep in an accredited abattoir, but local police removed its stockmen.

 A Pakistani court has put off until tomorrow a decision on the future of the sheep that are now stranded in Karachi.

The department's acting deputy secretary Paul Morris, says it's concerned about the reported culling practices Australian sheep have been subject to.

 "This is was a one-off shipment associated with a shipment that was diverted from another market," he said.

 "Pakistan hasn't been a normal market for sheep from Australia, so we're not anticipating that there'll be any requests.

 "Given the current situation there at the moment, it's unlikely that we're going to be in a situation to be considering any shipments for quite some time."

 A Pakistani newspaper reporter claims he's seen vision that shows the sheep having their throats cut, being stabbed and clubbed, and being thrown into trenches while still alive.

 Three weeks ago, a ship carrying 21,000 sheep was refused entry to Bahrain on the grounds they were disease ridden. They were offloaded in Pakistan.

 The Pakistan authorities started to cull the animals, but a temporary court order brought it to a halt.

ABC reporter Sabra Lane has spoken with Kazim Alam, a journalist with the International Herald Tribune, who says he personally saw video of the slaughter.

 Mr Alam says the sheep importer played him the video which was recorded on an iPhone, and he's convinced they were the Australian sheep.

 "They were untrained butchers, and in a very rough and inhumane way they would cut their throats and simply throw the sheep into a hole in the ground," Mr Alam said.

 "These bodies piled on top of each other in that small hole and it was filled in a matter of minutes.

 "I could clearly see an animal which was evidently alive, I could see the animal breathe.

 "And yet that animal was lying on a pile of recently slaughtered sheep."

 Wellard Rural Exports says Pakistani police ordered its stockmen to leave before the cull took place. The company says the Sindh Livestock Department slaughter method did not comply with the accredited processing chain standards.

 "We are concerned.... because it is inconsistent with Wellard's animal welfare ethos and our multi-million dollar annual investment in improving animal welfare," the company's statement said.

 "PK Livestock and Wellard, supported by the Australian Government, have been using every commercial, legal and diplomatic avenue available to prevent further culling of healthy livestock and to gain re-entry to the feedlot to care for the animals.

 ""Wellard is also concern at the fabricated health concerns which have been used as the reason to cull the livestock, and what impact it has on the reputation of both Australia and Pakistan."
: Re: DAFF questions future of sheep exports in Pakistan
: Export News Tasmania September 27, 2012, 08:48:57 PM
This is a complete red herring because Pakistan is not even on the ESCAS radar so there was never a question of sending any more sheep to Pakistan. As for the system 'working' - how the hell would Morris know? NO-ONE from DAFFF has even bothered to go there. The critical questionss are - how on earth did Wellards get a permit to reload the Ocean Drover (and Emanuels the Al Shuwaikh) when it was rejected on disease grounds on its last voyage without a rigorous investigation being CONCLUDED. They should not be allowed to trade, and it is GROSS NEGLIGENCE and DERELICTION OF DUTY by DAFF. The ABC has asked the wrong questions.