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: Wellard sheep 'buried alive' 27.9.2012
: Export News Tasmania October 02, 2012, 10:22:55 PM
LIVESTOCK exporter Wellard says it was unable to stop the cruel slaughter of Australian sheep in Pakistan, amid claims some were buried alive. 

Pakistani newspapers said some of the sheep from a shipment of 21,000 recently rejected from Bahrain on health concerns had been inhumanely slaughtered in Pakistan, to where they were forwarded.

More health concerns were raised there, sparking a cull, despite Perth-based livestock exporter Wellard and Sheepmeat Council of Australia insisting the animals had a clean bill of health.

ABC radio yesterday reported about 7000 sheep had been stabbed and clubbed to death, with some buried alive -- and a further 3000 could not be accounted for.

Wellard said Sindh Livestock Department officials undertook the culling after local police forced employees and stockmen from PK Livestock to leave an abattoir. (

: Re: Wellard sheep 'buried alive'
: Export News Tasmania October 02, 2012, 10:25:33 PM
According to the Wellard website, Wellard along with P & K Meat and Livestock (importers of our ill fated sheep) co owns the slaughterhouse in Pakistan (is it a cattle or sheep slaughterhouse?)

That is 'losing control of the supply chain' at the critical, most egregious level of violation of the ESCAS. But DAFF and Wellards are just expecting it all to blow over.

How long has Wellards had an interest in this facility?
Did it happen overnight like the ESCAS permit?
And does the director listed (David Kerr) actually work for Wellards, and if so, for how long?