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: Labor MP will raise live export concerns in caucus 3.10.2012
: WA Export News October 03, 2012, 10:39:20 PM
A Labor backbencher who wants to ban live exports will raise her concerns in caucus when Federal Parliament resumes next week. NSW north coast MP Janelle Saffin has been a vocal opponent of the live trade since pictures emerged of Australian cattle being abused in Indonesia more than a year ago.

She says live exports contribute to the decline of domestic meat processing, and animal welfare abuses will continue to happen.

The latest allegations are about the inhumane slaughter of more than 10,000 Australian sheep in Pakistan.

Ms Saffin says there isn't currently enough support within Labor to ban live exports, but her campaign will continue.

"Well, often you don't have the numbers in politics, but it doesn't mean you don't speak out," he said.

"Debates are incremental, change is incremental, and your role as a member [of parliament] is to speak up and speak out, otherwise why are you there?

By Anna Vidot

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