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: Report backs building an abattoir in north-west Queensland 5.10.2012
: WA Export News October 05, 2012, 10:16:25 AM
A report on the feasibility of a meatworks in the Queensland's north-west has found a competing abattoir in Darwin wouldn't have a significant detrimental effect. 

The study, commissioned by the Queensland Government, has found there's a good business case for opening an abattoir in a place like Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Winton or Longreach.
Report author Stephen Harvey says the planned abattoir for Darwin would take away some potential customers, but the industry could support two competing businesses.
"There is an effect there, but it's in the order of a five to 10 per cent effect, so I'd be reasonably confident that the effect of a Darwin abattoir, in the order of 1,800 kilometres away, is not going to have a significant logistic or supply chain disadvantage if it's to eventuate."

By Virginia Tapp
Friday, 05/10/2012 (