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: Pakistan resumes brutal 'culling' of Australian sheep 19.10.2012
: WA Export News October 19, 2012, 11:55:59 PM
Pakistan resumes culling Australian sheep. Pakistan has resumed culling stranded Australian sheep after the importer withdrew a legal challenge to government claims they are diseased and despite tests showing the animals are fit for human consumption.

A Pakistani court in Karachi last month halted the culling of 21,000 Australian sheep after 7,600 of the animals had already been killed in a dispute over whether or not they were sick.

  (  ( Photo: Pakistan officials have ordered the sheep being kept near Karachi be slaughtered (AFP: Asif Hassan) 

The shipment of sheep arrived in Pakistan after being turned away by Bahrain, and livestock officials ordered them to be culled after they tested positive for salmonella and actinomyces bacteria.

Samples from the sheep were sent to a British laboratory and came back clean, clearing the meat for human consumption, but municipal officials in Karachi rejected the tests.

The Australian sheep exporter Wellard on Friday said it had been told the flock would be processed humanely.

It said PK Livestock agreed to drop the court action while it negotiates how it will ensure the sheep are processed to Australian standards.

However, Abdu Hafeez Shaikh, who heads the city's veterinary services, said that authorities had resumed culling the 11,300 sheep on Friday on orders from the government.

"So far, we have culled over 1,500 sheep since this morning. It could take two or three days to complete," he said.

A spokesman said the Australian High Commission in Islamabad was shocked by the move.

"We're surprised, we're shocked by what is apparently the resumption of the culling and we're trying to find out what is happening," he said.

The Australian High Commissioner Peter Heyward had on Thursday issued a statement welcoming a settlement which he said would allow the Australian merino sheep to be processed as intended after independent tests confirmed the animals were fit for human consumption.

The incident has renewed calls for a total end to Australia's live export trade, which is worth about $1 billion a year and employs around 10,000 people.

Australia suspended live cattle exports to Indonesia for a month last year after a television documentary revealed mistreatment inside its abattoirs, only reinstating the trade under a strict new licensing system.