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: Ludwig to take up Jakarta beef stalemate with Indo counterpart
: Export News Tasmania October 30, 2012, 08:03:05 PM
 Australian minister for agriculture Joe Ludwig says he will add his weight to ongoing efforts to resolve a long-running and costly stalemate surrounding a multi-million dollar consignment of beef stranded at Jakarta's main port.

 As reported on Beef Central this morning (, Indonesian authorities have impounded a consignment of 118 containers of Australia, US and NZ beef, worth an estimated $8-$10 million, for the past three months.

 The beef was exported under value import permits but exporters now stand to lose millions of dollars if the consginment is not cleared by customs soon or released for re-export to another market.

 WA exporter Geoff Bull, one of several exporters with beef in the consignment, said that despite ongoing work by MLA and the Australian Embassy, there is no sign of a resolution in sight. 

 Mr Bull this morning called for Minister Joe Ludwig to intervene personally, saying that only minsterial level action is likely to bring a quick and successful resolution to the standoff.

 In a statement to Beef Central this afternoon, Minister Ludwig said he will take the matter up personally with his Indonesian ministerial counterparts.

 “I am aware that Australian beef has been held up by Indonesian Customs, due to anomalies with the import documentation presented by the Indonesian  importer," Mr Ludwig said. 

 "Beef shipments from several other countries have also been affected.
 “The Australian government is actively seeking to have the matter resolved quickly, either by allowing the beef to enter Indonesia or by facilitating its re-export to another market.
 “Australian Embassy representatives in Jakarta have been working with the exporters, Australian meat industry representatives and the Indonesian authorities to find a solution.
 “I will be contacting Indonesia ministers, seeking a resolution of this matter.
 “Australia’s agriculture trade relationship with Indonesia is important and growing.

 Exports were worth $2.3 billion in 2011-12, with the major items being wheat, cotton, livestock, beef and horticulture products.”

 Mr Bull told Beef Central the minister's action was welcome, but added that it needed to be done urgently.

 He said continued erratic incidents were causing exporters both within Australia and in other countries to view Indonesia as an unreliable place to do business.

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: Re: Ludwig to take up Jakarta beef stalemate with Indo counterpart
: Export News Tasmania October 30, 2012, 08:07:16 PM
Solution? Don't send them any cattle.